Jesús de Vilallonga

(Sta. Coloma de Farnés, Girona, 1927 - 2018)

Jesús de Vilallonga trains at Ramon Rogent’s studio in Barcelona, and at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris with Marcel Gromaire. He moves to Quebec in 1954, where he creates most of his artwork and establishes his own imaginary drawing on surrealism, symbolism and mannerism. Far from the abstraction and informalism which predominate at an international level, his artwork, based on figuration, is focused on a perpetual experimentation which propels him to work with multiple techniques such as collage, engraving, sculpture, and book illustrations, as well as the unique method that most defines his pictorial work: tempera painting.



Vilallonga, l'ull interior

Jesús de Vilallonga