Antoni Llena

(Barcelona, 1942 - )

His artistic career began in the mid-sixties when he held several exhibitions along with Jordi Galí, Sílvia Gubern and Àngel Jové, and where he designed sculptures and installations of an imminent ephemeral aspect. He pioneered conceptual art in Spain and Arte Povera, up until his “Grans” series (1962-2003) in which we see a new vision of painting based on the composition with extra-pictorial materials, outside the established movements. Likewise, he developed his work along a long path of artistic research, of dispossession and synthesis, which began in the 1930s with Ferrant, Cristòfol and Miró, and that emerges in this context as one of the most unique and radical artworks in the contemporary Spanish scene.



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Antoni Llena Llena