Dolors Puigdemont

(Amer, Girona, 1950 - )

Graduated in Fine Arts from Universitat de Barcelona, Dolors Puigdemont enters the art world through sculpture, in which she develops an informalist and very material aesthetic. Her works of art are characterized by the way she uses natural elements in combination with industrial materials and endows them with great symbolism. In her most recent work, she has used metallic mesh and the offcuts from pruning to explore platonic geometry and a symbolic interpretation of organic forms. Lately she has been experimenting with creating pieces for the outdoors using industrial materials, such as metal and glass.

She has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums, most notably at Galeria Eude in Barcelona and other venues in Reus, Tarragona, Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Olot. She has also taken part in many collective exhibitions and art fairs, for example the Triennial of Tapestry, in Poland, and in experiences such as Lluèrnia, in Olot, and Jardins de Llum, in Manresa.



Dolors Puigdemont, Transparency within

Dolors Puigdemont