Jordi Esteva

(Barcelona, 1951 - )

Jordi Esteva is passionate about Eastern and African cultures and has spent a great deal of his time as a photographer and writer portraying those traditions. He was editor-in-chief and art director at the magazine Ajoblanco from 1987 to the summer 1993. In the book Los oasis de Egipto (The Oases of Egypt), he documents everyday life in the desert and the landscapes that are at risk of being paved over. In his publications such as Viaje al país de las almas (Journey to the land of souls), he portrays the ancient traditions of the communities which live in the Ivory Coast. In 2001, he worked with UNESCO to photograph the Medina in Marrakesh, a project that was exhibited at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and at the United Nations in New York. He is an artist who explores societies who live in intimate contact with nature. His work offers such an enriching experience for people in Western culture, who are so immersed in a digitalized world.



Jordi Esteva - The nomadic impulse

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