(Barcelona, 1927 - 2014)

He acquired his technical knowledge from the great master of Noucentist classicism, Enric Casanovas. Moving through informalism to expressionism, and abstraction to neo-figuration, he developed a solid personal language that became a universal language. Between 1958 and 1960 he began working in the field of public sculpture creating a new concept of three-dimensionality. He was a versatile artist who, in addition to painting and sculpture, worked in diverse disciplines such as drawing, book illustration and minting medals. He used a wide variety of materials, and combined with visual paradox, eroticism and irony; metaphysical compositions that condense his symbolic world of dual and complementary forces paying tribute to historical tradition and mythology. He has been awarded numerous prizes such as Bronze Medal at the Second Alexandria Biennial in Egypt in 1957, and the Gold Medal by the Fons Internacional de Pintura in Barcelona in 1996.



Subirachs - From expressionism to abstraction (1953-1965)

Subirachs Subirachs