Yago Hortal

(Barcelona, 1983 - )

Fine Arts graduate from the University of Barcelona, he is one of the new artists who is currently most well-known internationally, taking part in exhibitions and city collections at places such as New York, Barcelona, Berlin and Los Angeles. His painting is a reflection of a turbulent and changing modernity and offers us a new vision of reality, freer and with new perspectives. The use of intense and vibrant chromatic colours placed onto the surface with an electric stroke, alive yet precise and studied, brings the painting to life almost as if the artist had jolted the matter in order to begin a dialogue with it. Thus, he turns the historical concept of pictorial abstraction on its head and discovers a new language in which the aim is to recreate the face and personality of colour.



Yago Hortal: Allò era abans, això és ara

Yago Hortal Hortal