Àngel Ferrant i Xavier Vidal de Llobatera. L'amistat infinita.

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The exhibition L’amistat infinita (Infinite friendship), curated by Glòria Bosch and Susanna Portell, is a much-needed homage to two people and the infinite friendship which grow, day by day, between the sculptor-pedagogue Àngel Ferrant (1891–961) and the cultural promoter Xavier Vidal de Llobatera (1894–1963). The correspondence between the two friends from November 1946 to June 1961, composes the narrative of this exhibition with examples of friendship and cultural collaborations alongside approaches and projects which are, in Ferrant’s own words, a product of “the most repulsive aesthetics and the most typical official intrigue”.

Almost sixty years after Ferrant’s death and forty years since the great anthological exhibition at the Fundació Miró in Barcelona, this event aims to contribute to their recognition with an intimate sequence of shared experiences which open the windows, and lift veils, on a difficult period. Ferrant had lived, and worked as a teacher, in Barcelona (1920–1934) and played a key role in the cultural life at the time, with a personal approach that very clearly questions the meaning of the word “art” and how to multiply the interpretation of an artwork. The repercussions among his students – Eudald Serra, Ramon Marinel·lo and Jaume Sans – and his contribution to the renewal of sculpture, are crucial to understand the many concepts that were developed by subsequent generations.