Cossos, ciutats, interiors

Oscar Tusquets Blanca

(Barcelona, 1941 - )

An architect by training, a designer by adaptation, a writer to make friends and a painter by vocation, Oscar Tusquets seeks to be an all-round creator in times of increasing specialization; however, painting is certainly the least known of all his facets. With the exhibition Cossos, ciutats, interiors (Bodies, cities, interiors) the public will have their first chance to get to know in depth the wide range of motifs of an artwork that shows us the validity of figuration, offers a rich dialogue with tradition and recreates life in all its deep superficiality. With his views of cities, houses, gardens, interiors, nudes, still lifes, portraits and self-portraits, Oscar Tusquets defies any pretext and positions himself as a staunch defender of the meaning of figurative painting, at a time when many declare it to be dead, while also showing us how art can be the best celebration of life. As he puts it: "without figuration, little fun".