El cor oceànic de les coses

Jordi Martoranno

(Girona, 1965 - )

El cor oceànic de les coses (The oceanic heart of things) is the title of the exhibition by Jordi Martoranno, winner of the Painting Prize in 2019.

In this project the artist has developed a work with a spiritual content, exploring forms that may be found in all modalities in contemporary societies. Forms that have lost their original symbolic value and have ended up being transformed into technological tools and everyday objects, through diverse languages and disciplines. Forms that are at the limit between symbol and sign, power and spirituality, poetic language and technology, and between the sacred and the everyday.

Martoranno sets us a great challenge, a different way to observe the work: “I thought of such a simple attitude as to recover the habit of listening by means of observation, and at the same time meditating on the form itself, in order to achieve the ability to impartially observe everything that appears before us”.

So, thanks to meditation, there would be the possibility to activate aspects where the experiential and intellectual could be replaced by transcendence. It is, therefore, a case of experimenting the feeling of an indissoluble link, such as being in connection with the outside world in its whole form and simultaneously feeling its totality with all one’s emotions.