El gest mínim

Maria Alzamora

(Ordis, Girona, 1992 - )

El gest mínim (The minimum gesture) is a project by Maria Alzamora (Ordis, 1992) that brings together a series of photographs taken during 2020, after winning the second Fundació Vila Casas Photography Prize. The award-winning piece, a portrait of the musician and actress Keeley Forsyth, is the starting point for the exhibition and a clear declaration of intent: a body rooted in an indefinite space becomes aware of itself while remaining motionless.

From this embryonic image we can deduce some of the photographer’s concerns that will become pillars of the exhibition: What relationship do we each have with our body? Can photography capture the emotions contained within movements? This initiative is a graphic, bodily and photographic exploration of the answers to these and other questions, and in order to do so Alzamora works with nine dancers from around the world to invite us to rethink our relationship with movement.