En veu baixa

Antoni Llena

(Barcelona, 1942 - )

The exhibition En veu baixa (In a soft voice) by Antoni Llena, curated by the artist himself and Àlex Susanna, is conceived as a Quartet in four movements. Each exhibition by Llena is presented as a concert of artistic signs which he uses to revisit his own artwork, spreading it out and reordering it to balance its degree of resistence and its ability to associate and generate new meanings, however dissonant or ambivalent they may be. None of this would be possible if his artwork were not based on a paradox, one that is as disconcerting as it is decisive: having been created from leftovers and remains, a powerful suggestive thought inflates the little air it needs to live.

His artwork is full of tears, rips, folds, fissures and sutures which he uses to inhabit the white canvas – or the whiteness of the void, as in his three-dimensional works –  to reconstruct something else and convert silence into a meaningful score.