Espais d'introspecció

Lluc Queralt

(Tarragona, 1978 - )

Espais d'introspecció (Space os introspection) by Lluc Queralt is much more than an exhibition of portraits of artists. Ten years ago, and from an invisible closeness, Queralt began this inner immersion that occurs within the moments captured by the camera of a visual poet, a humanist who scrabbles around between creativity and silence “the essence of those experiences in these unknown studios”, the reflection “of those who live there”. And that is how he entered into the studios of about fifty artists from different generations such as Xavier Grau, Perejaume, Miquel Barceló, Masao Yamamoto, Jaume Plensa, Lita Cabellut, Ignasi Aballí, Stella Rahola and Lídia Masllorens, most of whom are represented in the Fundació Vila Casas collection.