Santi Moix - La costa dels mosquits. Una antològica (1998-2022)

Santi Moix

(Barcelona, 1960 - )

The Mosquito Coast is the first anthology dedicated to the artwork by Santi Moix (Barcelona, 1960), an artist who has lived in New York since 1986. The exhibition features over eighty pieces of artwork from the last two decades, including paintings, watercolours, ceramics, sculptures and ephemeral interventions on the walls. Moix is a unique artist in our country given that he has lived in the USA for so long, as well as having begun his career in Japan, where he exhibited on six occasions in Tokyo in the eighties. His artwork was initially influenced by neo-expressionism, though its nature was reflective and analytical, like the painting by artists such as Luis Gordillo, Carroll Dunham and George Condo, among others.

Santi Moix’s painting is halfway between representation and abstraction. His language appears to be expressionist but, beyond reflecting specific emotional states, it becomes a tool to create an imaginary parallel mythical-poetical world, full of abstract forms that seem to be in constant transformation and combine with easily recognizable images, such as insects, animals, eyes, wheels or bridges, among others. This is all embodied in exuberant colours, in which humour and hedonism also play a predominant role. In addition, Moix illustrated books by humourist authors, including Miguel de Cervantes, Rabelais and Mark Twain.

Exhibition curated by Enrique Juncosa.


© Santi Moix. Private Collection. Photography: Pablo Román.