Trilogía del alma

Soledad Córdoba

(Avilés, Astúries, 1977 - )

Sublime, enigmatic, poetic and spiritual are just some of the words that can be used to describe the most recent work by Soledad Córdoba (Avilés, 1977). With the title Trilogia del alma (Trilogy of the Soul) and curated by Zara Fernández de Moya and Natàlia Chocarro, the exhibition presents a beautiful and moving constellation of rituals - transcendence, rebirth and purification - which become a contemplative voyage into nature and the human condition. Using the female form and its many facets, Córdoba produces a telling work that finds in its multidisciplinary language - photography, video, installation and drawing - its maximum expression. Focussing attention on the purifying force of water and the energy of stones, which literally cover the nakedness of an inert body, the artist explores different states of the soul and the abyss that opens before them.